Contract Review - $25 per page; minimum $50 charge

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Don't get caught by hidden contract traps or ambiguities only a lawyer can find! With our Contract Review service, you get:
  • Review by an experienced contract lawyer
  • An email summarizing issues and problems with the contract, which you can use to negotiate changes or make changes yourself

Contract Drafting - $35 per page; minimum $70 charge

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Don't try to draft the contract yourself or re-use a contract meant for something else – you'll mess it up! Let us do it for you. With our Contract Drafting service, you get:
  • A contract prepared by an experienced contract lawyer based on your specific requirements

Contract Negotiation - $100 per hour (junior lawyer) or $150 per hour (senior lawyer)

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Is the other party difficult to negotiate with? We can help! Let us send you an email pointing out all the ways the proposed contract is unfair and unreasonable, giving you the leverage you need to get changes made.

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Fast, reliable and economical service. I was very pleased."

-- Kevin, Assistant VP Legal, NYSE Consumer Product Company

We have had a great experience….We are also very impressed with the customer service. Thank you for your great work and we look forward to working with you for many years to come!"

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