Why buy from ContractsLive?


We only outsource to experienced contract lawyers – not every lawyer knows how to draft or negotiate a contract. But we know how to find and pick the right lawyers! We have a team of lawyers who have drafted and negotiated thousands of contracts over the years. And if we don't have the right lawyer on our team, we'll go out and find a new one to join us.  Count on us to find the right experience.

Save money:

Our costs are as much as 70% less than the costs of comparable services because of two key reasons:
  • Our lawyers are working out of their homes in the evenings and on weekends – they typically moonlight after their day job is done, supplementing their income; because of this, there is no overhead and you aren't paying for benefits; and

  • Pre-negotiated rates -- our lawyers have agreed to low rates in exchange for guaranteed payment; we take care of collecting payment in advance, which means they never have to worry about collecting.

Traditional Law Firm MinutesLive
10 Page Contract Review
$700 $250
Draft 10 Page Contract
$900 $350
Negotiate 10 Page Contract
$250/hour $100/hour

Save time:

No need to drive to anyone's office or interview different lawyers to find the right one – we do that for you! And you can do it all online.


We guarantee that you'll be satisfied. If you aren't happy, let us know within 30 days and we'll refund your money.  How many lawyers offer that guarantee?


Fast, reliable and economical service. I was very pleased."

-- Kevin, Assistant VP Legal, NYSE Consumer Product Company

We have had a great experience….We are also very impressed with the customer service. Thank you for your great work and we look forward to working with you for many years to come!"

-- Mark, Vice President, NASDAQ Consumer Product Company